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Two Sides. Two Sizes.

Two Breasts. A Better Fit.


    The SidebySide Bra is a new concept bra that is separated into two parts by both a front and a back clasp. Each side's padding thickness is customized to an inner size and an outer size. Breasts are, after all, two organs and they grow separately.  
    This patent-pending design needs your help to reach the market. Show your support by submit your email or sharing on social media, and help bring awareness to this product. 

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How will it work?

Step 1:

Find your fit for each breast. 

(no lumping them together anymore!)

Step 2:
Choose what size you want to evenly appear. 

Step 3:

We match your

two sides

(There's a front, and a back clasp!)

Asymmetrical Breasts are normal (and common!)

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